Participation of BgMVO in the “Digital Health” Forum

On 17th May 2022, the Bulgarian Medicines Verification Organization took part in the “Digital Health” forum, organized by Capital newspaper. The conference discussed main steps and achievements in the digitalization of Bulgarian healthcare, as well as the possibilities for covering more and more activities in outpatient and inpatient health services. E-health is expected to lead to transparency, quality, and personalized approach to patients. The possibilities of the new mobile application of the National Health Information System, providing individual access to the electronic health file, were demonstrated.

Within the first panel, named “The Digitalization of Bulgarian Healthcare”, Mrs. Illiana Paunova, Executive director of BgMVO presented the Bulgarian Medicines Verification System, a successful example of digital protection for the Bulgarian patients. The participants were acquainted with the implementation of European Falsified Medicines Directive and the legislative framework in Bulgaria, the main steps, and activities of BgMVO to ensure digital protection against counterfeit medicines, as well as current data from the European monitoring report on the Verification System implementation in EU countries.   

It was shown that Bulgaria is already in the green zone for end-users connection (pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and wholesalers) with the Medicines Verification System and that BgMVO conducts multiple information and educational activities related to the successful System operation. Mrs. Paunova emphasized that the decommissioning activity for dispensing medicines in pharmacies is to be increased, and with higher activity the main goal of verification will be achieved to a greater extent – protection of patients and consumers by guaranteeing the authenticity of medicinal products.

Over 300 participants followed with interest the discussions in the “Digital Health” forum. It was attended by all major institutions in the development of healthcare and e-government: members of Parliament, ministers, representatives of regulatory authorities, directors of health facilities, IT professionals, physicians, representatives of professional and patients’ organizations.